Steve Owen - Biography

Steve built a career on being reliable and sincere. His first "real" job was tuning pianos while attending Brevard College. Piano tuning is lightyears away from real estate, but Steve was new to the professional world, had the ear for it, and it gave him the opportunity to meet people. Years later, Steve was working for a local contractor who suggested Steve get a real estate license to be able to assist more effectively, and from that role Steve transitioned into a full time real estate agent.

Real estate is the sort of profession where one achieves levels of success in direct correlation with the time and energy one is willing to put into it. With a young son, Jeremy, and soon a young daughter, Emily, Steve went full steam ahead. Better still, he enjoyed the work. Steve is definitively amiable, and real estate work requires a calm, collected personality to listen, discuss, negotiate, and find solutions. An agent is sometimes a therapist, sometimes a mediator, and sometimes the voice of optimism or skepticism to keep expectations realistic. In every scenario, the agent helping one through a real estate transaction is involved in intimate and substantial financial decisions, and the right agent will be equally invested and inherently trusted. Steve is that agent and a friend to countless individuals throughout his 40 years in the business.

Steve began his real estate career in 1978, working hard to give his all to every client who hired him. As the years wore on and his reputation for being the "hard-working, nice guy" grew, Steve reached the realization that it was time for the business to evolve. He started Steve Owen & Associates in 1999 and hired Debbie Deaver, his now longtime assistant. They decided to keep Steve Owen & Associates going as long as it was fun. Debbie immediately kicked him out of the office for two weeks to organize, file, and determine the policies and procedures that would keep them operating at Steve’s high, personal standards.

The "Associates" part of Steve Owen & Associates came very soon after Steve and Debbie opened the doors, and the group now encompasses over 20 agents, each committed to the industry and the area. Steve Owen & Associates has remained the top producing agency in the community for over 15 years. As promised, Steve and Debbie continue giving the best real estate experience to every buyer and seller they, or the agents, represent.

To Steve, the best part of 40 years in the industry is the friends he’s made. He has remained committed to this small town, adopting a photography hobby that has been featured in countless regional magazines and websites about the area. He’s the affable guy that everyone seems to know of or know personally. He’s the "hard-working, nice guy" – a longtime slogan for Steve Owen & Associates. One day, he and his lovely wife Martha may move to Montana where they sometimes vacation. For now, though, you’ll find him in Brevard – at the office downtown, or taking photographs, or perhaps even having a beer at Oskar Blues or dinner at Jaime’s Creole Brasserie – but always around town.