Rachel Broadbent

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Rachel is a Brevard, NC native. She graduated from Appalachian State University with a BS in Political Science focusing on Professional Legal Studies before working as a paralegal in Portland, Maine. She later received an MBA in International Relations from Clemson University before working internationally for a digital software company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Paralegal worked trained Rachel to be vigilant and efficient (hello, billable hours), while maintaining customer retention across the North American market for a UK-based software company provided insight into business development and consumer trends. Rachel is using this past experience to bring new awareness to Steve Owen & Associate's global reach and community focus. She is passionate about small business development, especially as it relates to Brevard's economic future. She is grateful to have finally returned to home and to be working with a company that focuses on giving back to the community while maintaining the market share in a competitive field. Rachel and her husband, Jack, live with one very loved dog and two wily cats in a cabin tucked next to Pisgah National Forest. She can routinely be found enjoying Brevard's finest craft brews with her family, reading (only books purchased at Highland Books), or traveling as much as her budget and adult responsibilities allow.