Seller’s Services

Selling property with Steve Owen & Associates - Exposure, Communication, and Professionalism

At Steve Owen & Associates, we are your partner in the transaction process. Our team of agents are intimately familiar with the Brevard, NC area and each are well acquainted with the intricacies of effectively and efficiently selling property. We are also a family-owned organization with over 40 years of experience in the local real estate industry.

We use a wide range of marketing tools to expose your property to the market, including 3D imaging, professional photography and video, drone footage, social media advertising, printed publications, and the irreplaceable reputation of a cornerstone real estate agency in a close-knit community.

The agent best familiar with your type of property and its location will be your guide throughout the selling process, offering critical advice and feedback to optimize your goal, communicating consistently to ensure you have up-to-date information, and professionally representing you and your property through closing.

We are glad to be of service. Please feel free to call, stop by the office, or complete the form below to share information about your property.